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Sex in Relationships

If you are considering a sexual relationship make sure it is something that you both want and have thought about.

Any kind of sexual activity or relationship is about choices, your choice.

You should never feel as if you have to do anything you don’t want to within a relationship. Whatever your experience, consider any possible sexual relationship with care.

Only you can decide if it’s going to be safe and right for you, if you’re in any doubt, then it s best to stop and talk it over. There’s no hurry.

Leave it till later!

If you have sex for any of these reasons you may well regret it

  • To lose your virginity
  • You think your friends will be impressed
  • You’re worried what will happen if you say no
  • You’re drunk, or you’ve taken drugs, and aren’t in control

Here are some statements that are worth considering if you feel that you are really ready for sex.

  • You feel you could say no and that it would be OK
  • You know your own mind and know it’s right for you
  • Nobody’s forcing you, pressuring you or coercing you
  • You’re not doing it just to keep up with your friends
  • You’re not having sex just to keep a boyfriend/girlfriend or just to make you popular
  • You have talked about it together, discussed and agreed to use condoms and contraception, as well as talking about the implications of pregnancy and sexually transmitted infection
  • You want it for yourselves- not just because the other person does or to please them

Think about all of these and remember you can wait to have sex. You can have fun together without sex!

Remember too that just because you’ve already had sex- it doesn’t mean you have to again  -  you can take some time out.

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