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Men’s Zone

Thinking about having sex?

Make sure that you are ready …..

Be careful if you are drinking alcohol or taking illegal drugs. You may feel like having sex while you are under the influence but you may be too far out of it to use condoms or think about whom you are doing it with.

Make sure that the person you are going to have sex with is ready

Just because you want sex, it doesn’t automatically mean that your partner does too. Don’t ever pressurise someone into having sex however turned on you are feeling.

Just because your partner says yes to sex, that doesn’t mean that they necessarily want to go the whole way. Keep checking to make sure they are happy and comfortable with what’s going on.

Safer sex and condoms.

Condoms help protect against pregnancy and STIs

Some men say that they don’t want to use condoms because it doesn’t feel the same. The real reason may be because they are embarrassed or don’t feel confident in using them properly. Practice before you use them for real.

If you don’t use protection, don’t think that you’ll be ok, think about the consequences – STIs or pregnancy it could happen to you.

If the condom splits or falls off, or if you have sex without protection, make sure your girlfriend knows where to get emergency contraception.

Where to get Condoms

All clinics in Lewisham

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Not sure on the technique or which condoms to use?

Perfecting the technique

Which Condom?

Smoking & alcohol

Time to stop smoking? For free friendly and practical advice and support call Lewisham stop smoking service on 08000 820 388 or

Alcohol can affect you in all kinds of ways - even if you're not the one drinking it

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