Have you had unprotected sex?

Emergency contraception

If you’ve had unprotected sex, that is, sex without using contraception, since your last period,  or think your contraception might have failed, you can use emergency contraception.

There are different types of emergency contraception:

  • The emergency intrauterine device (IUD)
  • An emergency contraceptive pill

Emergency Contraception – Your Guide – FPA

It’s best to get help as soon as possible, but even if it is more than 5 days since you had unprotected sex please come for advice.

Emergency contraception  is available at all Lewisham Sexual health clinics and can also be obtained from some local pharmacies free of charge, even if you are under 16. If you think you need emergency contraception come to the clinic or go to your local pharmacy as soon as possible for advice.

Emergency contraception is available free at some pharmacies in Lewisham.

You can also get emergency contraception from ANY  pharmacy but they may charge you if they are not in the Lewisham scheme.



Have you had unprotected vaginal sex since your last period? If the answer is yes, you may be at risk of pregnancy.

If you think you are pregnant, and need advice about your options, or want to be referred for an abortion you can come to one of our clinics for advice and support.

If you prefer you can refer yourself by calling 0345 345 9911 



If you have had any type of sexual contact (vaginal, oral or anal) and have not used a condom or other barrier method, you could be at risk of acquiring a sexually transmitted infection (STI).

Most infections have no symptoms so you won’t know you have them.

Please come to the clinic for advice.

If you have been told you are a contact of a sexually transmitted infection, or you have symptoms

which may suggest you have an infection, please come to one of our clinics.

For more information about STI’s (sexually transmitted infections) visit the links below:



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